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Island Sandbox

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Author Comments

Spawn on a randomly generated island and then change it! Made in less than 72 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam.

I was originally going to make it a survival game with basic crafting, but I ran out of time. Thanks to Joshua (http://joshuastone.newgrounds.com/) for helping with the procedural generation.

Arrows to move
1, 2, 3 to select block
Z to place block
X to erase
M to mute
R to reset world
T to generate new world

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idk if this is a bug or sumin but yeah i can only place tree's pretty good game ngl. also yeah im spam clickin 2 and 3 still can only place tree's

runs well

A good concept with good potential

It'd be nice if there was a naked chick there.

I can generate an island map. No way to do anything else. Not much to do here.

Also, you have to move the guy to change the direction he's facing, which limits the edits.

Kentiya responds:

Yeah, I was wanting to make it a survival game, but that deadline comes fast. :P

I wasn't sure about the movement until it was too late to change it. I will if I make a full game out of this.