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Author Comments

Take on the role of the Royal Inquisitor and dissect the responses of each party member as you interview them one-by-one to determine who is really human, and who is the monstrous imposter...

Made for Ludum Dare #38 "A Small World" in under two days.

As this is a mystery game, try not to spoil things in your comments (there is no medal for being a little shit).


This is not RPG

BoobMarley responds:

You play a role and interact with NPCs, using information gleaned from those interactions to make a decision. That is the fucking quintessence of role playing.
If you think the criteria of an RPG are optimizing equipment, turn-based combat, collecting macguffins, and leveling up ad naseum then you are ignorant about what RPGs actually are. Vidya gamez (especially JRPGs) took all the crunchy parts of D&D, streamlined them, and left actual role-playing as an afterthought. Your opinion on RPGs is merely the product of the highly reductive game styles brought about by the proliferation of video games. Bitchass.

could be longer and complex, i mean if it eats memory then it should know how to hide..
could be better

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BoobMarley responds:

Wrong. This game can't be better because it was made under duress in a time frame for Ludum Dare, and it was made by me, a human. Check your spergin'.

Really loved that game, I was almost expecting Woodchuck (or one of the other guys) to appear outta of nowhere and be the "Imposter" or something (again...). The game itself is pretty neat, loved the story and how well you developed the characters in such a short quantity of time, it really made me wish for more. And about the secret medal? It's not that secret if you read some lovecraft ;)
Looking forward to the next game, but for now, this one is going to my favorites.

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it was ok

BoobMarley responds:


nice game, but nearly pooped myself when i guessed correctly and the hardcore music came on at nearly twice the volume.
never the less, please make more

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BoobMarley responds:

Heh heh, glad to know it had the intended effect...

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Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2017
3:22 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG