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Reform is a project Ciderwrath and I worked on for Ludum Dare 35. The theme was “ShapeShift”. We were pretty ambitious and didn’t finish the whole game by the end of the jam, so we went back and finished what we intended to. Enjoy and let us know what you think!


Arrow keys: Move
Space Bar: Jump
1, 2, 3: Shapeshift
Up: Growl (when in third shapeshift form)


Music by F0R3ST12: http://f0r3st12.newgrounds.com/
Choir sound effect: http://free-loops.com/8575-choir-aah-3.html/

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Great game!

I think the game is about: Life .

About how you start out as a baby, learn to take shape of the strong kid, the fast leany teenager and the shouting adult. You learn that changing your 'form' everytime the "outside world" (people, bosses, family) need it (in chase of the other), will in the end be bad for you.
You learn from a friend that being yourself on its own has power (though you had to go true changing for others to find it).
You then learn that after chasing after "the other" you will only have you and those who are true to you.

Perfect story.

There are two endings

MADDENING! but so very cool. Loved it. Music was soothing, graphics were detailed and smooth.

Hi there, and what niche little game you have here. A small, but interesting puzzle platformer game, that requires some thinking and a little bit of hand grease to complete. The game seemed to have a really interesting story, but as much as I tried, I couldn't really figure out the meaning of it. While the game does fit the theme well, the shapes that you can shift in are few and rather limited, plus that in the second part of the game they are no longer available. I know it's part of the story but it kind of messes up with the theme a bit. Also some of the puzzles seemed a bit harder than expected. Other than that a pretty decent game with relaxing music. I made a small let's play of it right here: https://youtu.be/RL4vbo6KW9w . A cool game that requires just a few small touches. Keep it up.

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3.73 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2017
8:51 PM EDT