Super Bloody Finger Jump

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Prepare yourselfs, Super Bloody Fingers jump is here! Win, survive and be the best!
Your fingers will stand to a fight you can't even imagine!
Super Bloody Finger JUMP will take you to the sky, where you will battle to death using your own finger.
Is your finger faster than the others?

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This game is just kind of sad. I don't know what I was expecting but definitely not this. It's weird and has some charm. Touch controls on a flash game are sad. Please remember on your next project what people say and take it with you. This game is mediocre. It's average.


My finger flew off the side of the screen and i can't get it back. If I click on the screen my score keeps on going up. Also i literally clicked once and the finger just spun out of control. Fun little 5 minute time waster

Okay at best, mediocre at worst. Either way, it's just a five-minute time-waster.

Nothing within the game or the author's comments tells you how to play the game, and the "controls" aren't exactly intuitive, so I'll summarize here:
- click on either side of the game window to spin in that direction... so right side turns clockwise, left turns counter-clockwise.
- "Perfect landings", as finicky as they are, come with the added bonus of giving you additional bounce height.
- Collect thirty stars for a new costume.

why is it rated E

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1.89 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2017
11:27 PM EDT
Skill - Collect