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Donaji & the Magical Poncho

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Frontpage?! Whoa!
I remember back in 2006 when I joined NG, getting front page seemed like such a distant dream. It's still hard to believe. Thanks everyone who has supported this personal project! It trully means a lot to me!

During winter, the cold wind called Iztlacoliuhqui, who causes havoc with his tempest at the top of the mountains, is feared by everyone but a little fearless girl named Donaji, whose bravery will make their encounter something unavoidable decided by fate.

My latest animation project. Took over a year to finish, between school and this being the first time I work together with voice actors and a musician. It's been a challenging but rewarding experience.
Somehow related to my previous animation: Black Feathers (YouTube)
This story will continue as a webcomic I'm already planning.

Hope you like it!

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Wow very nice

Wow what can be said about this fantastic piece that has not already been said it has some nice ideas some good action scenes some nice slow moments a really good story base and the characters are brilliant so very well done I thaught the animation was very smooth and we'll detailed and you did well with it I would love some even more flashy effects on this piece though don't get me wrong it's some solid stuff if you ask me so keep that up for sure

A bit more flashy effects but it was a fantastic piece


You fully deserve your front-page distinction!

Probably the best animation I've ever seen here on NewGrounds , it had a pretty good plot and an amazing message at the end , that we can't do everything by ourselves and we will often need to count on other people for help. On top of that , that we should be brave , and not succum to what other may say or do , either to or around us.

That was cute. I like how you did the introductions and the story continues. Well done.

this was great!