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Multiman Quest

rated 3.02 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Other

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Mar 7, 2017 | 3:34 PM EST

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Author Comments

I reuploaded this game for this acount
*Instant reespawn
*Less laggy (i hope)
*A new level and an ending
WASD keys to move
Hope you enjoy :)



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Interesting...but it needs sound

JohLuh responds:

Ok, i will add music in a close future


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice concept but the pink man is difficult to manipulate

JohLuh responds:

Yeah hahahha, he was made this way for some future levels i am working with hahahah, but i will try to make him more controlable, thanks for the feedback :)


Rated 2 / 5 stars

So in short, in this game you control either BLACK STICKMAN that can jump high but run slow, or RED STICKMAN that runs fast but jumps low. Your goal is to avoid enemies (or kill them) and get to the doors. (What awaits you after doors?)

What i liked:
+the concept of switching character to overcome various obstacles
+some little shadows of telling how to play game by actually playing the game. On level 4? maybe there was one round enemy you just fall into and killed it.
+some little controls ecplanation (1,2 to switch characters)

What needs work:
-movement with arrows and jumping with space? I really wanted to use arrows, WASD was just hard to control
-was hard to figure out what was doing what, so maybe an introduction screen with explanation on control or enemies, outside of the gameplay.

graphics - 2/10 still needs work, but looks like you used own art and that might be very good
music, cinematics, story - 0/10 - yes, maybe some music for jumps, or killing enemies would be nice to have, also maybe some story. You know... where are those doors leading to?
content - 3/10 nice you had levels, but i missed maybe their numbers, or listing, also more enemies, powerups, stuff should be addes. But maybe not, simplicity can do the magic.
controls - 2/10 WASD is just hard for jumping, i would like maybe is secondary jump button like space or Ctrl or similar would be added
gameplay - 3/10 When you got to another level and you was still using movement, sometimes you started to move even before the scene loaded. So sometimes i just died straight of the start (especially last level with red stickman)
originality - 7/10 First time heard of this stickman changing, so i liked this game really only because this one

So in overall, i think i liked most of the concept - the type of switching the stickman type. Movement should be better and they should not be flying :D
So in overall 1 Star for effort 1/2 Star for originality and 1/2 Star for everything else

(Lastly, I am trying to learn to make good reviews. Any feedback about this review is appreciated with private messages. Thanks)

JohLuh responds:

Wow, thanks man. I really liked your review. Now i know what i could do to make it better, thanks a lot :D


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Work on character movement more and on graphics. Nice concept

JohLuh responds:

Thank you, will try my best :)


Rated 2 / 5 stars

It's not a bad starting mechanic for a game, but I think you should either make the arrow keys movement, or allow WASD and arrow keys to move (1 and 2 are so close to WASD, I find it cramped). You should also make some real art assets (if you can't draw, find some royalty free stuff, or go on the Newgrounds forums and find an artist). Consider having one key toggle between the two guys, rather than 1 and 2 selecting a specific guy. Other than that, I think the movement could still use some more polish, and it could use more mechanics/objects/etc.

JohLuh responds:

Ok man, thank you very much, i will try my best to fix the grafics. The controls are an easy fix. Thanks a lot :)