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Everybody Loves Minions!

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Everyone loves minions. Some people show their love in different ways.

I never wanna see another minion again, but unfortunately I will. Fuck everything.


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Nice work here I like the idea of this and like the work you have here the animation was not the best and you could improve on some graphics detail but some good stuff here and was kind of funny it was entertaining infact so nice job

Some improved graphics and animation


artistunknown responds:

Improve how? That's pretty vague, the animation's about as smooth as the rest of my stuff, do you mean the drawings could be more detailed? I don't really see what's worse compared to some of my other animations, I thought some of the drawings were even better than some of my other cartoons.

Of course it's not the best, it'll never be the best, especially when the intent is to make something as fast as possible :p

i didnĀ“t laugh ime like this in months thanks for this my dude, fav and share
well the animation and details maybe are not the best but all the funny in the video make this video quality up :)
keep working!!

artistunknown responds:


lmao, it really wasn't the kind of Minion-loving I had in mind when I read the title! XD Even as a parody. Probably one of your most obscene movies so far, but not bad man. Props on taking things to the next level, and that one kid with the smile on his face lmao. Simple fun and somewhat disturbing.


artistunknown responds:

Yeah, I guess it's my most obscene movie that isn't straight-up porn :p

I suppose it has been quite a while since I've done anything as shocking as this, so I can understand the unexpectedness of it heh. I have been trying to keep things more family friendly recently but ya know, every so often you've just gotta make something fucked up that everyone's gonna hate ;3

I'm glad a few people have noticed the one kid smiling. That was a last second idea that had me laughing.


The very f*cking best f*cking movie I ever f*cking watched.

artistunknown responds:

The very f*cking best f*cking review I ever f*cking read.

Thanks! ;3

Well to be truthful, that was disgusting, one star because you're talented at animation, I just wish you could come up with something atleast partially funny, keep up the "good" work?

artistunknown responds:

"I just wish you could come up with something atleast partially funny" Oh I'm sure you've watched everything I've made to be able to confidently say that.

And for what it's worth, this could've been a LOT more explicit.

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2.93 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2017
7:01 AM EST