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Circles is an abstract puzzle game that takes your mind off things. No words, no distractions: an invitation to experiment. Relax, let your mind wander and discover the puzzling possibilities of circles.

This demo inlcudes 13 of the 90+ level from the full games. The full game also contains 4 modes to mix up the gameplay and add replayality.

Steam page here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/460250/

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Very good! Shame it's just a demo.

love it!

(Wow, rude last two reviews.)
1. Drum sounds? that was...weird. Got used to it by the end of it, but not before. 2. A demo? that was also weird. (those two points are the missing star.)

Ok, we're done with the bad. The goods are: The programming is VERY good, gameplay and user interface is very very well done. Those visuals... I like the minimalistic style of it, yet I would have loved a wider palette of colors, even inside each level. Also, I really liked the skill based with movement sensibility thing. Movement based labyrinth. It felt really comfortable (though I wouldn't call this "relaxing" at all.)
Anyway, good luck with it.

A demo ... *sigh*

Does it ever pick up? Blitzed through the 13 level demo. Completely average puzzle game, doesn't do anything new in the puzzle/skill-avoid genre. Wouldn't recommend it. There are many better full free puzzle games out there.

As a seperate issue- Even if I thought it was good enough to pay for (it's not). I still couldn't recommend it to anyone, because 90 of those levels would be lucky to last an hour. It's not worth the hefty price tag.

One does not simply post a demo on newgrounds. Also, the playtime was something like 2-3 minutes, which offers no fun at all. You gave us no fun? I give you no stars.

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2017
4:19 PM EST
Puzzles - Other