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Earthlings 5 Points

Collect All Earthlings

Big Orb 10 Points

Defeat the Big Orb boss

Big Skeleton 10 Points

Defeat the Big Skeleton boss

Chicken Found 10 Points

Find the chicken

Maxed! 10 Points

Max out all upgrades

All Stars 25 Points

Have 3 stars on each level (all lives)

Author Comments

Jump and shoot your way trough monsters. Save all Earthlings and find the one called chicken.

* Arrows to move, space bar to shoot
* Buy upgrades in a yellow shop

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Very cute game

So this was a very cute game here the screen was just the right size it has a mario like theme platformer type and that made it fun you have a cute game the levels have mixture and variaty on this one, graphics are pretty nice and overall this was really fun.

I would suggest adding some added flashy effects on impact action moment.


Domo76 responds:

Thanks so much! It is actually the first game I ever made. Currently I am making a a much biger and nicer game - Castle Woodwarf 2. It will be ready in early June. Check it out!

I'm going to say this and you've probably heard your fill from other reviewers, so read away as you wish.

I assume you're an aspiring indie developer with a vision and a passion to create fun games, so I'll judge your game with my assumption.

First of all, using a game template (stencyl) (Gamemaker Studio) for your beginning stages is quite nice to understand how powerful coding is. If it works for you and your game gets popular, by all means continue using it.

Secondly, controls and mechanics. Simple platformer game, simple controls. Easy to learn, not enough to pay attention to. Mechanics: Jump, run, shoot. That's just fine. Nothing unique though. Very similar to a mario game. Run and jump, avoid and/or destroy enemies to progress. Princess is in another castle, The princess is a chicken in this game, essentially.

I love how you added powerups. I was excited to see the two decisions I could make in your game.
1. Be strategic and utilize the environment to progress.
2. Farm enemies and upgrade your way to the top.

It's late here and I have to go to wake up early, so I hope I've made a point here that interested you to at least gain some good feedback and/or learn something new about your game and even yourself, depending at how deep you look at it, I guess. ^_^

P.S. Cute character. I would love to see him everywhere and might even buy a plushie of him if you ever create a physical copy.

The game was not entirely unique, but that's quite alright! You have to hear straight feedback to get better! Good luck with being a game designer if this is your goal/intent.

I have faith in you so i followed you too. :)

Domo76 responds:

Thank you very much! I apprechiate your honest review a lot!
Your assumptions are correct - I started game development as a hobby in Spring 2016. I created this game while learning Stencyl and that is why Earthlings have weak spots. It makes me happy you recognized some good sides as well!
I think I will stick with Stencyl for a while because coding from scratch uses so much time.
Reviews such as yours really help me to understand more both about the games and myself. My next game should probably be smaller with content but with better quality of art and gameplay.

As for the character, for now there are only T-shirs and mugs with him:


Thank you very much for the follow! I promise to bring quality games in the future!

Alright, where do I start. First of all, this game could have been A LOT better and it obviously has tons of potential. But there are just way too many flaws for this to be an enjoyable game as it is. First of all, the levels don't even tell you that you NEED certain upgrades to complete them. For example, I believe level 2 was impossible unless you upgraded jump a couple of times, and the big orb boss was literally impossible unless you upgraded the shooting.

Second of all, and I saw this was brought up by another reviewer, but the upgrade chart was difficult to know what you were upgrading. I'm assuming the clover meant luck, but I'm not sure what that means for the game. It took me a few minutes to realize that the target meant shooting upgrade. Just not enough information there.

Third, the controls were bad. I felt like I was sliding all over the place, and if I got hit I would just keep getting hit until I die with no time to get back in position. Maybe add some brief invincibility when you get hit. Also the shooting without an upgrade has virtually no range. Jumping on top of enemies was ok but need to bounce more. And the random spikes around each level were beyond annoying. They were barely visible and a lot of the time I had no idea I was stepping on one of them, and by the time I realized my health would be already all the way down.

Fourth, getting to the chicken was just simply ridiculous. Not only did you need to upgrade jump to max (which of course it doesn't tell you), but you had to get really lucky with the jump. Worst part is that if you didn't, you'd have to beat the skeleton boss all over again just to get another chance at the jump. That was one of the most poorly done parts of this game.

Game has potential but overall it was annoying to play. The medals of course is what makes people play it anyway, so that was a good part. Again, game has tons of potential but just too many flaws for me to consider it a good game.

Its a really cute nice little game.

yeah nice game

Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2017
1:19 AM EST