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Hanoi Forever

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On this game Tower of Hanoi Forever you can to move all the disks that are on the first pin to the third pin so that you can use your logical reasoning to solve the problem.
It is a game invented by the French mathematician Édouard Lucas in 1883.
The objective of this game is to move all the disks that are initially arranged on the first pin, so that in the end all available disks are in the third pin. The minimum number of movements to solve this game is given by the equation: m = (2 ^ n) -1, where m is the minimum number of motions and n is the number of disks, to solve the game with 3 disks must be used At least 7 movements.
Game Rules:
1: You must move one disc at a time.
2: Moves only the disk that is located above the others.
3: If the selected disk has a smaller disk above it, This disc can not be moved.
4: A larger disk should never be above one that is smaller than it.

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Tapping and dragging seems intuitive enough, but it would be nice to see some UI change when you've tapped (maybe have the disk light up,) and maybe an option for tapping twice instead of dragging as well.

Overall presentation could use some work. You have a nice 3D model of the towers in the menu, why not do something similar for the game itself?

As for the game itself, there's not much to say. The game gets pretty long later on and I never seem to get the parity right (totally my fault, I know) but similar to a Rubiks cube, it's less of a puzzle game and more of a procedure once you know the deal. Then again, Tower of Hanoi has been around forever and it's not like you're going to fuss with an old formula and still call it the same thing.

Decent attempt but ultimately kind of boring. I can't imagine anyone would bother solving a 15 disk tower. (Seriously??)

oh no the medals are gone.

I completed Levels 6-8 with 1-2 stars and none have unlocked a medal. I think this is a large issue with the medal unlocking mechanic between the level being completed and the medal actually activating.

I'm sorry but I can't move anything... plus, 6+ Discs mode doesn't work.

sielxm3d responds:

What happened because you could not, I noticed that some people have unlocked medals from levels 6 to 10.

Totally unresponsive...

sielxm3d responds:

What do you think I owe improvement to? Thank you for your time spent at my game, your suggestion is welcome to me.