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Mulch is an action arcade game where you play as a unique species of mushroom with the ability to move. Stay alive for as long as possible by mulching down the nutrients falling from the sky.

WASD or arrow keys to move
Space to continue
ESC to pause

Works best in Chrome, should also work in Firefox, doesn't work as well on other browsers. Also available on Android and iOS.

See how long you can last on a diet of berries, acorns and flowers. Chase big combos and compete for high scores! Start mulching now!


make me want to eat a mushroom

Simple mechanics, wonderful game.

You provide an entertaining experience for little cost. Decisions in your game are created by the strategy you allow your players to figure out the type of nutrients they must be aware of consuming. Sound is great and works with the aesthetics. Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics are all in order, so you have a well structured, well thought out, and well enjoyable game!

I felt you could add in another challenge entirely, like falling hazards, different backgrounds (day/night cycle) Other interesting inclusions. You want a middle ground of simplicity and complexity. Too simple, game will be boring. Too complex, game will be too hard or impossible.

Be this wonderful in everything you do and I assure you, you will always be successful.

bearmaskstudios responds:

Hi Demetrios, thanks for the in depth feedback and kind words :) I'm really glad you enjoyed the game. I agree that there could definitely be some variety and complexity added. I spent a lot of time on the game so I'd rather move onto something else at the moment, but if I get some time in future to make additions/adjustments I will bear your suggestions in mind. Thanks :)

THE MUSHROOM IS CUTE. Some more variety between levels would be great. Love the art style, colors and sprites in this one. Kinda reminds me of mushroom soup (which is good cause mushroom soup is awesome). Keep it up.

bearmaskstudios responds:

Hi, thanks for the kind words :) it is appreciated

This game is cool. It's easy to play, the randomness is a little unfair sometimes but the gameplay is enjoyable. We always try our best to do a perfect score ! :)

Nice job !

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bearmaskstudios responds:

Hey thanks for the feedback :)
I wish you many perfect scores!

Lovely game

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3.34 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2017
3:37 PM EST
Skill - Collect