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Since you can use any key on the keyboard to reload, this game does not have a mute button!

Big thanks to @nostereo and @Ben-Sound-Design who helped me with the music & sound effects!

You can check out NoStereos Music here:

HUGE THANKS to all the playtesters & feedback givers as well!
You all made this game better :)

This games is the first of at least 12 I want to make in 2017!
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Did anybody else scream when they saw the crab with a gun because they knew their life was going to end?

So this was a game that i tried out when when you first posted it on newgrounds. I couldn't even get past the first level with actual enemies. I decided to go back through and play some StuffedWombat games and figured i give it another shot. Once I figured out how to move while loading/loaded the game become not just playable, but super fun.

It's extremely difficult!!! just 2 lives and it's hard to realod, i don't like it

This is a good game my only complaint is how when your loaded you cannot move

This game is akin to hotline miami 2 its actually amazing the controls are tight the abilities are well thought out as well as the enemies you changed backgrounds the second they were tiring all the timing was absolutely perfect on every aspect of this game that's my best way to describe it the enemies well placed and the way difficulty is exactly one enemy away from reach our one round with a boss away from reach gives a nice really hard but very rewarding not rage inducing difficulty it's just a all around amazing game i really wish i could describe these things better maybe in time i'll leave another

StuffedWombat responds:

Oh wow, thank you so much for your kind words; I am very glad that you had a nice time with this :)