Hex Realms

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Starting with a small settlement, you must manage the land to lead your people toward a successful future. Create jobs at the mill or chop down trees for extra money, develop farms for food and build new settlements to expand your population.

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Got to 500 before I got bored, you WON'T need more than 1 windmill for the gold generation, and you'll need almost 2 farms to a settlement for later on, at the start you won't need as many farms. I'm apparently listening to DBZ music now.

PyramidInteractive responds:

To keep things interesting, would you prefer to see the implementation of disasters (floods, fires, drought, etc.), combat (monsters or warring countries), both or something else?

This is a good game, but needs a little more work on it.
Starting from the description of the game - I wasn't even aware that the settlements could develop (upgrade), so it would be good to describe this and explain a bit of the requirements for this to happen.
The game itself is good, but would be great, if we could upgrade the farms or the mills. Of course, we could also use another building.
Also, could be great, if you put an option to remove buildings, because if something goes wrong, we have to start over with the game.
And last one is to put wood as resource. We're clicking on them anyway, so might as well use them.

Other than that, it's great game. Just do a little explaining about the upgrades of the settlements and what the requirements are, please!

PyramidInteractive responds:

Thank you!
More buildings are in the works for the next update. As for the tutorial stage, do you think an optional beginner stage would be suitable or prefer guidance during the actual game play?
For the wood, I was thinking of having a mill sub building as a lumber mill and a grain mill. Are you recommending going a step further and have wood as a resource used in construction (Building X requires Y gold and Z wood)?.

It's a good concept, but the graphics, the functionality (no game over when at 0 population) , the absence of features like woodcutters and other types of building, make this game pretty boring... and the music is melancholic (sort of) , which should be replaced by some "neutral-to-happy" songs. (yes, not only one)
There is A LOT of room to improve. But making this game as it is is still an achievement! ;)

PyramidInteractive responds:

So, when you mention woodcutters, would you like to see the people actually performing work, with the ability to assign them to a tile?
I'm looking forward to developing this a lot further, thank you for the feedback!

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2.56 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2017
4:17 PM EST
Strategy - Other