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Love Cider (Part 1)

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Having trouble getting the ladies? Do you find that women are generally not interested in your immense trilby collection? Well then all you need is a delicious bottle of Lil' Bill's Love Ciderâ„¢, a miraculous beverage sure to make all of your wildest lady filled dreams come true!

See Part 2 here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/687490?updated=1484613140


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Classic flash craziness.
I'll check out part 2 soon.

Has potential

But the animation style should be less like Oney or whatever and more your own

a bunch of rehashed jokes and animation cliches then you want to make fun of the people that are your viewer base.... dude you got some learning to do.

Immediately recognized your art style from iFunny more than a year ago...
Love your art style! Super funny too.

wow thats soo good!