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Absolute Zero (Concept Build)

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Author Comments

Very early conceptual build of a game created for a 10 day game jam. As it stands, it is just a concept with some basic graphics but I would love nothing more than to be able to overhaul this into a full fledged metroidvania. Being a huge fan of all things Super Metroid, Legend of Zelda, and Dark Souls, it only felt right to conceptualize something based on my fondness for those genres.

You've picked up an unknown signal 100 million light years away. What could it be? Absolute Zero is about a space explorer and his companion robot wandering about the vast expanse of space. You will travel along different alien planets in search of resources, adventure, treasure, and wlll encounter hostile and friendly beings unknown to the universe.


W- Jump/Wall Jump
WW- Double Jump
Left Click- Shoot

I am aware of several bugs in the build and you may experience issues with the character not loading,not saving, duplicate characters loading(game breaking), freezing,retaining upgrades after death(have fun with that one), improper hit detection, and/or framerate dips but please bare in mind this is JUST A DEMO and I am doing my best to sort out the kinks.

Refreshing your browser usually solves these issues and/or resets your stats

I am very much open to CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, feedback, or things you'd like to see in the full game, so please feel free. The concept is currently in development towards becoming a full game.

All audio was either public domain (opengameart) or from the very talented and lovely Kevin Macleod (like the title music).

Placed 3/35 for #StencylJam17


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Wow nice game

so first of all great game here the backround sound and or music is very mystical and makes it more unique, The conrols and mechanocs of the game re notbad and this was a fun game you have here the graphics are pretty nice and there was some nice effects I think even more flashy effects would come in handy with this particular game, but overall this was a fun game great medals too.

I think even more flashy effects would come in handy with this particular game


the game concept is quiet nice, but i found a bug where you drop into the ground and it acts like the space, making you trapped there :/

I don't understand the low rating for this game... Gets 5 stars from me.

Obviously this is a demo as the title says, but I see a lot of potential for a great game. The animations are smooth, the game will offer much more and I will follow it closer.

Not bad, I really like the atmosphere the game has being dark, to me it seems like it takes place on a dark moon like planet, or maybe it takes place underground somewhere in outer space, and the stars are beautiful. The achievements aren't very good, I don't really like the jokes because it doesn't fit the games atmosphere in my opinion. I would like to see this worked on more, though asking for $12,000 for a game like this is a bit much in my opinion, my advice would be try and create 10 unique levels and put it on steam or something, start small and work your way up. Good luck.

Let me give you a little "lecture" on what a demo is: A demo is the final product - the game itself - with very reduced content.

What you presented here is not a demo - In the description, you assumed that there are bugs, several bugs, so this is an alpha version, which precedes beta version, because it has almost none of the features intended, and, more importantly, a lot of bugs and compat issues. So, in other words, a "Very early conceptual demo" is not a demo, but an alpha.

(This may look like cheap/unimportant semantics - I assure you it is not)

So, there's the problem: alphas aren't supposed to be tested by players, because most of the time, they'll get angry over all these game breaking bugs that will come up during gameplay. That's a missile hit to their experience - that's why only Beta onwards are distributed to some of them, but this is not really a law. Being a Jam game is no excuse either.

Talking about the Jam itself: What does this have to do with cold? Let's forget for a moment that this is not the final product, and consider it a short demo: Where is "cold" in the game? There's no mention anywhere, nor to ice nor to anything thermal at all.

Remember - jams aren't kids tests where you can put super heroes over anything physical. For example: If the theme was "cold" you are not supposed to just make the entire game on a snowy environment for kicks. That snowy environment has to affect gameplay in sensible ways: Negation of visual field, taking ol' plain damage, use as cover or camouflage, you decide. And truth is, there is NOTHING COLD in this game! Nothing, at all!!! How it was accepted in that jam is a mistery - as is it getting rated as 3rd place!

So, long story short: This game is not good, nor bad. It is just unfinished. If it were a game, it would award 1 star, if any, because it is heavily broken, and also it does not fit in the jam's theme. Lack of detail is okay, I guess, not gotna pick on the dark characters. A feature is completely useless - the drone's power bar goes negative, and there is no penalty for "quick fingers". And also, this game is very far from being a metroidvania too.

The "extra" star I believe is fair because sound choice is on spot. I really don't care if it is a free library, as long as people choose the right fx, it's good. period.

Credits & Info

3.32 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2017
2:34 AM EST