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Killer Bee Rap - "Believe Deez Nutz" (A Naruto Parody)

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Thanks for watching. Special thanks to Richie Branson for providing vocals.

Please show some love and check out his channel:



Killer Bee rhymes leave you on the floor face flat
My balls be bigger than 2 resengans, Believe that
Foot long magnum slammed down can break a brick
Hinata creamin to the chakra flowing to my dick

Girl you into tentacles? Hop on eight tails
Hentai game, fuck a loli go to jail
Gaara know your role if we was locked up in the hole
Lick your ear while I rape you in your sandy asshole

Your girl stalking me like Shikamaru's shadow
And when you come home I'm escaping out the back door
A lyrical no-jitsu that will resonate and hit ya
Droppin MC's is my way of the ninja

Sasuke you a whiny cryin tiny sorta bitch
Slap the emo out of ya with my chidori dick
Sakura tempting me twerking that butt
Healing jitsu can't fix that torn pussy up

Challenge me on the mic or in a fighting pit
Got seven blades waiting with your name on it
Killer Bee be the one all the ninjas want to be like
Bitches blowing up my phone pardon me drop the mic


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Torn what;)