Decline Of Humanity

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Acrobatist 5 Points

Kill 100 Zombies

Better than 9 5 Points

Survive Wave 10

Fresh Blood 5 Points

Kill 10 Zombies

Skilled Survivor 5 Points

Kill 50 Zombies

Swinger 5 Points

Purchase Every Melee Weapon

Advanced Survivor 10 Points

Survive Wave 25

Gun Nut 10 Points

Purchase Every Gun

Therapy? 10 Points

Kill 750 Zombies

Traveler 10 Points

Buy the desert location

Elite Survivor 25 Points

Survive Wave 50

Massacre 25 Points

Kill 1000 Zombies

Still Counting? 25 Points

Kill 2500 Zombies

Getting Serious 50 Points

Kill 5000 Zombies

i've Covered Wars, you know 50 Points

Survive Wave 100

Genocide 100 Points

Kill 10,000 Zombies

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

WASD to move, F G H T to use special items and 1 2 3 4 to use weapons

If you want to help me shape this game any feedback at all is really helpful.
A war between countries leads to a virus being created and infects a majority of the worlds population. Surrounded in a parking lot, you must survive waves of zombies to buy supplies


I see where you responded to other reviews earlier this year stating that the bug on Wave 3 is fixed, but it's not. Every time I kill the 3rd or 4th zombie on that wave the game completely freezes and I have to start over. I could see myself having fun with it, but it's hard to give it a higher score than this when you literally can't play it for more than a minute. =/

CriticalAwesome responds:

We're working on a patch now, sorry for the inconvenience

can you please show me dthe diference betwen stick and axe and betwen golf club and sword? Excepr of this that it does exact amount of damage and and range. BTW colf club is both ways better than axe. Another one is Hitboxes. I don't think they work as they should. Animation is stiff and simply boring. and the game after few lvls gets repetitive because nothing changes except numbers of enemies

CriticalAwesome responds:

Thanks for the feedback, we'll do better next time

it isn't unique, and it isn't super polished. I don't think there is any amping this up, its all around very plain. sorry I couldn't give a more constructive review but it is what it is.

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Fun zombie survival game!

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can the creator of this game please try and fix the problem on wave three. because it keeps freezing up for me, the whole game freezes and you have to refresh the page and start all over.

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CriticalAwesome responds:

The problem has been fixed

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Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2017
12:57 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional