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This is just a demo to test how the mechanics feel, and to see if they work at all. I plan to mend and append the mechanics based on feedback, as well as revamp graphics and add music.

Click on the left side - slow down/stop
Click on the right side - speed up
Click anywhere(hold down) - jump
Click anywhere(spam click) - glide

Feel free to let me know where this works, where it fails, and what can be done to improve it for the final version.

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a few advices
*work on the collision of your platforms,i got stuck in the middle of one a few times already
*you should make a min. jump lenght, that makes the game a little more soft and easy to play, later on you can add jump strenght by holding left click.
*a personal advice, before asking for feedback, make sure you are happy with your game before even publishing, that way you wont get that much hate, plus you check for bugs that are easy to fix and bothersome

I dont know how you did the hit the detection but it ain't workin well, pedro. You really don't need feedback for this yet. No point releasing it.

Not bad concept, but it's still too unfinished. I know, you want people to tell you as early as possible what you can improve and do better, but it really is better when you make your game somewhat enjoyable and fun, so that people can have more fun playing it and telling you what's missing.
Anyways, it looks OK so far, but the controls are quite complicated and it just doesn't feel really comfortable in your hands. There*s also a bug that you makes get stuck in the platforms

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2.08 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2017
11:36 PM EST
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