Straight Run

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Run, jump, and wall jump through this 2D platformer.

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Music by Teknoaxe:
Happy Chemical Beatz : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzPxUdCZrvs
You Still Can't Dodge a Laser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se_R3L8TxQc

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Changelog 0.5.0:

+Changed name to StriaghtRun.
+Gravity has gone weird! (Tweaked jumping physics.)
+Turtles updated to newest operating system. (Changed Turtle's attack behavior.)
+Now with more clouds! (Changed scenery art style.)
+Changed main menu.

+Added a new level.
+Technology has advanced! (Added boost pads).
+Added sounds effects and options for controlling them.
+Are you still there? (Added turrets.)
+Balls are scary (Added flying electric spheres.)
+EXPLOSIONS! (Added missiles.)
+Now in a tasty blueberry flavor. (Added more variety of stars.)
+Added reset button

+Removed springboards.
+I hated them anyways. (Removed pandas.)

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GJ! Fun mechanics! Takes a few tried to get it, and I like it. There must have been a lot of effort put in to this, but, imo, its lacks a few things to feel really finished.

1st of all: Thumbs up for the custom controls, and the level design:, how jump pads are placed in order to maintain the momentum... etc GJ!

There's an annoying glitch that breaks the flow, maybe it simply depends browser and I'm unlucky using FF, but I suddenly had areas I couldn't access (eg: 1 cm square area that didn't let me touch the ground.) This is specially annoying if you have to go through that area - which you can't - to reach the goal. Also, when standing in a corner, the guy wall-jumps, instead of jumping up normally.

- a restart button for when we get stuck so we don't have to reload (eg: I ran to the left on lvl 5...) - or is there one?
- a bar to show how many stars we need in order to get the "yellow glow" upgrade.
- instructions. eg: Are the stars worth losing momentum and time?

A personal opinion: I tend to prefer games with level selections - then limited lives wouldn't be a problem. Now you have to remember everything: On lvl5, miss a jump pad you didn't know about, and your done, have to start all over again from lvl1... and this is the main reason why I'm not playing any further.

This has a lot of potential, and I hope you keep it up! GL!

BlazeTheStar responds:

Thanks for your comment. I will definitely consider what you have said for future updates. Have a nice day!

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2.65 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2016
2:32 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other