The Rogue Charizard

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A pokemon/attack on titan crossover I made for fun. The audio is from the Attack on Titan anime (Episode 9) and I mostly traced the buildings. The music is called Vogel im Käfig by Hiroyuki Sawano (part of the AOT soundtrack).

Attack on Titan was created by Hajime Isayama and Eren is voiced by Yūki Kaji, both amazing people.

Also thanks to Matt and Brett for putting up with me

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This was a good pokemon and attack on titan cross-over.
The charizard was creepy looking and matched Eren Jaeger's titan form but in a pokemon version.
I aslo noticed that you added the eyes and facial expressions of the titans in the anime to the pokemon.
Kudos to you for doing that.
The animation and character designs were good.

The japanese audio from attack on titan wasn't that clear or of the best quality.
The colors seemed bland and not at a high enough resolution.
It also would have been better if it was at least a minute or two longer.
It seemed very short to me

This was an interesting and original idea.

Zalfurius responds:

I used a lot of colours with low saturation to try and match the overall tone of attack on titan. I'll try and think more about the use of colours next time. About the resolution, I'll see if I can upload a clearer version. Thanks for the review dude!

that was pretty boss. sorry i dont know what else to say.

I fail to see the point of this, but it was still pretty cool. And Hypno looked creepy as hell, lol

Zalfurius responds:

Hypno is the creepiest creep who ever creeped

Neat, Although i was expecting a poorly drawn ash to throw a pokeball at him, capture him, and then charizard saw "shit".

still cool though for a serious flash.

Zalfurius responds:

the perfect ending

This is everything I could say after watching this.
Make some more bloody crossover things with Charizard or some other Pokemon like Scyther in place of Ryuko from Kill la Kill. That would be nice.

Zalfurius responds:

That sounds cool, I don't watch it but scyther seems like a good fit. thanks for the review!!

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3.85 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2016
12:09 AM EST

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