Befriended - Short: Surprise!

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So I tried to be original !!

Gosh it may not be long but its something to keep you guys filled in on what I mean when I say "original". Just trying to break out of the habit of drawing memes and making the same frames over and over again.

But yeah! I hope you guys enjoy this short for the upcoming series I'm gonna have. By the title I'm pretty sure you know what its called.

Side note: sorry if the audio is shitty, I will try to fix that the next time I make an animation of these shits.

Songs used: Around the World - Music Box
Your Name Please? - Earthbound

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the animation is great, I'm glad you specified that this is just a short too or otherwise i would be rlly confused

blakechan responds:

im glad you weren't too confused then my friend :)

Your learning still haha, nice original work. Try using more colour and put more detail into your backgrounds. The sound design is okay.
I can see your video is compressed. ( Meaning when you exported the video on adobe flash, it decreased to definition and quality) Id'e say try using Swivel, it's a software made for newgrounds users! All you have to do is drop the original flash file into Swivel and it will be made into a .mov or .mp4 or others without any compression! Pretty good software.

I can also see your a big fan of Eddsworld, this shows in your animation and artwork style, and hey, thats a good thing! What id'e like to see is more colour and longer animations and you'd be expecting 4-5 stars for all your pieces. :)

blakechan responds:

I just learned about Swivel today from a friend of mine! But I'm very greatful for your feedback, and aw shucks you caught me...Yes yes I am a fan of Eddsworld.

I tried fixing up the audio but i couldn't get it to the quality I wanted it at, but since I'm too scared to mess up anything I leave Flash at its default settings and all that junk. ;w; But again thank you for the feedback.

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2.76 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2016
11:59 PM EST
Comedy - Original