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Miss.Dynamite Halloween

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This is an Halloween Special... what more can I say? =)

Just for the info, Dark Eden is my friend, so I made a little pic for her birthday at the end.


So that's how it's done huh. :) Entertaining little initially informercial-like short! And a very very belated Happy Halloween!


I think talking about razor blades in apples is kind of cliché. Why would you even want an apple? Unless you wanted a razor blade. I didn't know they were voiced by the same person. Their voices are pretty extinct. They seem to be too old for trick or treating.

Well, they're old enough for sexy whatever costumes. Then again, those weren't that sexy. Maybe that fad didn't take off until recently. The most memorable line was the painted guns. Wow, these chicks are psycho!

i love helpful halloween tips

@below how do you get a razor in a apple with out noticein a hole?

true story on my halloween

okay i found a razor in my apple on my halloween so the trick of not getting a cut upper lip is to go home ask some one you really hate to have em eat it to show you respect him when he does smile and wait and if he is okay take it from him and punch him in his jewls and call him a jerk lol jk but well i bit a apple i felt some one biteing on my head which was jason masked lifted all the way up i was just there to help lil brother and boom.. a kid was eating my apple and he start crying because they found a razor in his mouth O_O i feel bad but i found the guy who gave me that type of apple and i stepped on his face for a hour and punched him ti'll he apolgized o.o

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Oct 19, 2000
1:51 AM EDT
Comedy - Original