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State of Zombies 3

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WASD - to move
Q - select weapons
E - select items
F - use items

Fight with a lot of zombies using 40 weapons.
Action and a sea of blood is waiting for you.
For you to choose from 4 characters and gadgets that will help you in battle

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An incredible game that is not worth wasting time on.

The simple reason!
No saved the data

So I play for almost 30 minutes I reach the maximum level almost all the weapons and now I enter and it is in lvl 1?

I thought I would give an incredible review with many things that I loved examples
The waves
the sounds
the art
And among other things

Of what I do not like about dont save the data
Was that you raise the character of level for weapons not for statistics ams hp, armor etc.
Incredibly lagg is too lagg when the new waves come out

In games like this where you spend a lot of time is very important SAVE the game, but here it does not have that option so how to say that it is good to a game that every time you repeat it you are lvl 1

impossible .
Great game that is not worth playing.

Fun at first. But i got bored quickly.
Maybe a speed upgrade. Maybe it's my connection but the game move too slowly for a shooter.

Really great work!

Really enjoyed playing it (had to stop myself playing too much) Your weapons are really well polished and the items are really handy too. There's no clutter of useless items or screen junk.

Keep up the great work :)

The controls are clunky(seriously, just use number keys to change weapons, or have q cycle through them) and the game doesn't save your data.

I liked it, but both the lag and the repetitive gameplay got me bored 15min after playing it