Le Manoir de L’Étrange

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A detective try to understand the unexplained disappearances which happened in a strange manor.

This is an experimental WebGL version of the game and seems to work the best on Google Chrome.

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I truly love mystery manor games! I like that this was translated. I like the film noir atmosphere. I like the "dark and stormy night going for it. I like the mystery notes and the puzzles as well as the mechanic added to this game to see invisible clues.

However there were issues I've had with this game.

#1 was the lag. The lag makes trying to solve a puzzle just drag on, like it's taking forever for the asset to move towards its designation. This is especially bad for those of us who are replaying the game for the other ending. I know you're using Unity, so I'm not sure what would help cut the lag...maybe the background animation frames could be cut down so less is loaded??? Not sure how that works for games, I'm going off of my gif-making experience to see if this is basically the same case.

#2 is the Heart meter. The stone still drains it too quickly. I know you said you would update it so that it's slower, so my only suggestion would be to let the meter gradually refill the more we don't use the stone.

In my opinion at the beginning it was all very interesting, but then it is something desperate and can not enjoy as I would

The reasons are
The heart has very little time
Only with reading the first paper was already in the middle
Then I'm going to the other room and I'm dead.
When they are puzzle games I love to watch watching take my time
But here is a little impossible
I can not read everything because the heart is very fast
Then I have to repeat from the beginning not read and go to the next puzzle
In my opinion is not very nice
For me it is not.

But it looks interesting.

Also has a lot of lagg but I understand that the game is heavy for a browser maybe a version to download?

Hopefully some updates, luck in the future will be pending.

Taldius responds:

Thank you for this really detailed feedbacks! :D

I've seen a lot of people complaining about the game being too hard, I'll make an update this week-end to fix it, don't worry. :)

Sorry for the lag I can't do much about it but you can find a download version here: http://gamejolt.com/games/le-manoir-de-l-etrange/203540

Loved it! Hope you can put a walkthrough link somewhere, cause one of the puzzle really got me struggling (the one with numbers), the other two were interesting and not so hard in my opinion. Overall great job ^^

Taldius responds:

Thank you! :D

Don't worry a lot of let's players have done video of the game, here's one:

Vitality drains too quickly, slow it down or better yet get rid of it.

Taldius responds:

Ok I will slow it done in an update, thank you for the feedback! :D

Very promising, but firefox crashes everytime i start to sort books in library (i didn't try other riddles).

Worked correctly on Google Chrome

Taldius responds:

Thank you for the feed back, I'll take note.
It's an experimental build so bugs/crashes were expected, the game is a little big for Web ...

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3.54 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2016
11:08 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click