The Resurrection of Cthulhu

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Team members:

--Art and Game Design: Yingyan Li.

--Programming and Game Design: Xiaoxiao Ma
--Programming and Assets Integration: Ahmed Ahres

Music and Sound Effects by Eric Matyas http://soundimage.org/


I do not know if the game has thousands of bugs or it's just awful.
-I had about 40 minutes trying to get something
-At the end I found thousands of things without senses even so try to play it.
- horrible the way you have to give thousands of clicks to get command response.
- press the ghost 10 times and nothing else 10 times and woo ran.
-then the water that you are already inside a sea but you need water to put out the fire, never works. Or it is secret to use the water when the box is burned.

Has no clues to follow, and a dialogue so short that it is better not to read it.

When you go to the box you have to put the water before the box burns,
* Now explain how we are going to know that? To good I never give up and I take 1 full day in this puzzling nonsense. But it is almost impossible to know what you have to do in this game.

The puzzle games, need puzzle clues that if they can be completed with a short but clear dialogue,


Because the octopus that dies or squid whatever it does not tell you

Hello I need your help around this sea are my tentacles help me to recover them.
"Look in the boxes, you should find something."
-I will give back to the time do not let the box catch on fire or my tentacle will be damaged. (You see with that one imagine what to do.
I can give a thousand examples of how bad and poor this game is.

-do not know maybe some update in the future with more dialogue could make this an incredible game.

tcmxx responds:

Thanks for your response!
Truely, there are thousands of bugs in this game because it was created in 2 days without enough debugging..Sorry for that.

Currently we do not have plan to fix those bugs and polish the game yet..However,the game is original designed to be creepy and clueless to solve those puzzles..

thanks for playing!

I played the game, but I'm having trouble. I followed your instruction, but:
- Where is the big monster I'm supposed to give the ash to? I had gotten the four tentacles up to that point. I put the ash on the black hole on the far right and it feel in. (also, the ward disappeared after I found the one in the dark).
- I put the poop on the seaweed and made it bigger, but I couldn't go up? How am I supposed to do that? I tried clicking on the seaweed and moving the AWSD keys.

A lot of this is not intuitive, like the bottle of water. You're in water, so how could you start a fire underwater to burn a box? Why wouldn't the ocean put the fire out? And why does putting the box out when it is on fire result in a pile of ash? If anything, it should just lead to a burnt box. How would I know to use the rock again after damaging the wall once, considering it doesn't make a sound the second time to indicate I'm getting anywhere? Why can't I continuously hold down the ward when searching in the dark?

I give you four stars because despite the low graphic quality, it could be a fun puzzle. It's just hampered down with a lot of "why" and "how". Also, it doesn't help that it takes a few seconds each time to pick an object up. It makes me almost not want to pick things up.

Still, I wish you luck in your game design. I think this is a great first step for you and that you can make some awesome stuff.

tcmxx responds:

Thanks for playing!

- go further right to the darkness and go down to see the monster.
-You are supposed to go up by w key. The controls are terrible because not enough time to polish, but at some position you should be able to go up.
-The water thing is creepy..the whole story is designed to be nonsense..

Thanks for the four start! Since it is a Game Jam game created in 2 days, I am not satisfied with it at all.but currently we don't have plan to continue with it..sorry for that!

Thanks for playing!

i dont get it....how do you win?

tcmxx responds:

Steps to pass the game.

**Don’t read it before you play!!!!**

**Don’t read it before you play!!!!**

**Don’t read it before you play!!!!**

**You need to find 8 tentacles and take them to the Cthulhu**

1. There is a hidden tentacle behind a rock. Drag it up multiple times to get it.
2. Click on the boxes. Find the box with a ghost on it. double click on it to find the tentacle.
3. use a small rock to hit on the wall 3 times. A box will show up. Click on the ward to get it. Use the ward to burn the box. Before it is burned up, use a water bottle to put out the fire and get the tentacle.
4. Use the ward in the darkness to see where the tentacle is.
5. use the ash from the burned box on the big monster to get it.
6. Feed the Cthulhu 4 fish. It will grow a tentacle itself.
7. A poop appear after you feed the Cthulhu. use it on the seagrass to the left. Then go up, drag the ship down twice. A ghost captain appears. Click on the tentacle on that captain.
8. Drag the 7th tentacle on Cthulhu several times, it will fall apart. Take it to the person to the most right. A new tentacle shows up and take both of them back to Cthulhu.

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3.11 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2016
9:55 AM EST
Puzzles - Other