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Viking Run

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Boing, Boing 25 Points

Bounce off enemies 50 times

Boing, Boing, Boing!! 25 Points

Bounce off enemies 250 times

Boing Master 50 Points

Bounce off enemies 500 times

Graveyard 50 Points

Make it to the Graveyard

Green Field 50 Points

Make it to the Green Field

Inside Castle 100 Points

Make it to the Inside Castle

Sunrise Castle 100 Points

Make it to the Sunrise Castle

Author Comments

Front Page! Thank you! Hope you all continue to enjoy the game!

A runner game. Your character does not move back and forth.

Space: jump

Right arrow: attack (don't be afraid to spam it!)

Down arrow: Double tap (in air) slam down

Left arrow: Fire special attack (when charged)

P: pauses game. Enter resumes game

*Update* Mute button: Press "M" to mute and unmute game

The game also mutes when paused

Use the down button a lot! I will give you complete control of your jump. Mash it fast to get to the ground quickly.

You can bounce off of enemy heads to destroy them or deal damage to bosses.

You can bounce off of boulders to destroy them and send the debris at your enemy!

Time attack has leaderboard support.

The game saves at the beginning of each new world. You can continue your game from the level select screen.

Send me a PM if you are having any performance or audio issues

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Well that was a fun "LITTLE" game there some nice "SPRITE" work in this one, I had some decent fun with this the "MEDALS" were nice but seems like there was not enough easy level medals but it shouldnt be too easy I supose, it played well with the controls and smooth flow of the game, anyways nice job.

More moderate medals and more easy medals would be a plus.


Great game! I love the art, music and the hell of lots of enemies. Too much tapping right arrow for my taste though :-) I hope you will add even more upgrades so game becomes easier after a while (less tapping for me hehe). All in all, looks great and feels great! Congrats for publishing this mad scroller!

decafpanda responds:

The creator of Quarrel Hill doesn't like to tap a button?!?!? I am shocked! Ha Jk! There is a version of the game where you hold the attack button down but it doesn't feel interactive enough. If I make a sequel to the game I probably will have the attack button held down but a meter of some sort that goes up as you hold the button down and goes down when you let it go. If you max the bar out you can't attack for a couple of seconds. This would make holding the button down require some strategy. Thanks so much for the play and review!!

Just when I thought the gameplay was repetitive and boring, I got to the first boss and onto the second level. And then I was blown away by the actual different enemies and attacks.

This game is by no means perfect, but it has a solid concept and execution. If I could change anything, I think it would be better to add some kind of flash to your character so you can see easier when do you get hurt, and how much time of invincibility you have left, instead of just that red -1.

Also, with so many stuff on the screen, the axes are somewhat hard to see. Some axes have a green blade, and that helps, but the grey axes on the first level not only are difficult, but confusing. I can understand boulders rolling at me, but axes? In my opinion, I would have made an enemy that actually throws the axe, then retreats back to the right side of the screen, and I would have made them faster.

My hands hurt.

the difficulty of this game is impossible!!!@!!!

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2016
3:56 PM EST