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This rough game is part of my final assignment for my Experimental Writing class. It was made to explore how much influence characters have on different texts, and how the reader must continue the story the story themselves.

WSAD keys to move, mouse to interact with the text.

(Note: It is a little glitchy, I know, so please don't try pushing the game too far)

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It's nice to read through someone's mind when composing a new story. It's just there's no much to do apart from selecting an answer and moving the black cat.

I like this a lot. Even in complaining that it's not original i found the game pretty original myself. really like this idea.

i learned u can fly if u press w... i ust picked a conflict and now my kitty is missing... theres no way to get it back unless u restart i guess :c // i guess i cant really rate bc i literally only clicked three choices n then disappeared. but i love it so far

Meh, the only glitch I found that was a pain was the ceiling. You can go through it, but you'll die if you go too far.

As for the game itself, pretty great. A tad depressing, but I'm sure you can make games with a more cheerful tone using this concept.

It's plain brilliant. The whole "not original" reflects on the game itself, due to the theme, but has the originality the "voice" in the game starts to think of at the end; so the game is a physical manifestation of its own theme, working an example of story that, at first, could be totally the same as many others, however, it has a unique way of presenting that story (most notably the void feeling of that background and of the lack of sound effects, the beginning, and that ground build out of words, which is a good metaphor to the set of ordered thoughts that a human mind has). It's simply beautiful, and I cannot think of any way of improving it. The only thing I could think of was better graphics during the forest/city/island part, but I think that the simple look only contributes to the feeling of frustration the "voice" had. So, I think this game is already perfect, unless the author of this game finds a way of improving it, and that would be very wonderful.