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When the game boots up, the BUILDER will be able to build a level to challenge the PLAYER.

The BUILDER wins if they can make a level the PLAYER cannot beat.

The PLAYER wins if they beat the BUILDER's level.

Once the BUILDER is done building a level, the PLAYER will get one try to beat the stage.

If the PLAYER beats it, they score one point.

However, if the PLAYER fails to beat the stage, the BUILDER must play the level to prove it's possible.

If the BUILDER completes the stage, they score one point for making a hard level.

If the BUILDER fails, the PLAYER scores two points for dealing with an impossible level.

Pressing ENTER to play again in the RESULTS screen allows for points to be stacked.

This also swaps the PLAYER and BUILDER role.

Returning to the menu will erase all points.


We made this game in less than 24 hours for the Becker Game Jam.

The theme was "Experiment".

We made this game to allow people to experiment with level designs.

It was created by Yukon Wainczak (yukonw.com) & Chloe Tibets (tibets.info).

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A really good game!

No friends to play with, however. sad sad.

YukonW responds:

Big oof. Thanks tho!


YukonW responds:

Thanks? Haha

Amazing!!! very good, but you should make some a single player mode where levels can be played multiple times/ the ability to save levels. One of the best games on NG

YukonW responds:

Thanks for the review! A single player mode would have been cool, unfortunately, since we made it in 24 hours, that wouldn't have been possible. :( If we ever make a sequel, that'll totally be in it.

Dude this was really fun! I added to my favorites!

YukonW responds:

Thank you! :D It means a lot!

lol very easy to dick around when building a level, for example filling the whole area with blocks so your friend can't move, oh and another one surround the goal so they can't get there, the possibilities are endless to troll.

YukonW responds:

Haha I know. I built the game so that if someone does something like that, in the end, the person who built the level loses. I really should have added a button that skipped a round so that if someone gets stuck they can skip through it. Thanks for the review!

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3.62 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2016
4:38 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other