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The Ascent of Alfred

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Alfred Alfer leaves his decaying, degenerate reality behind and memes his way into Pixelated Immortality, achieving the power and love he's always craved.

Join Alfred Alfer, Muammar Gaddafi, Pepe, Spurdo, Ben Garrison, Moonman, Donald Trump, and Alfred's Ultra-Fashy Alter Personality, Dictator Alfred, in the most high-energy segment of the Alfred Alfer Movie Yet!

Featuring the Sublime Score of Johann Sebastian Bach and Sound Effects from MDE's James Price.

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this iz honestly really good and well animated. I can't wait to see more of Alfred. Hail Alfer :)

This is really cool

good.very nice.cool

>A fucking leaf

Every time

Hi Emily.
I noticed that you used my art in this video. (0:19) That's really kind of you!
However I don't see a credit anywhere.
I think I only ever posted it on Tumblr. I'm sorry if you tried to contact me there at the time, I quit in late 2015.
I'm not sure if you can edit Newgrounds descriptions, but a credit to my Instagram would be lovely. If not, that's okay too! (Insta: @ Zreamcast)
Thank you for being interested in my art.