Regular Show + Dragon Ball Z Crossover

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I like how Benson just kept powering up for nothing


This was actually really good. Animation is good, art style is done well, the crossover idea is silly yet cool, & the parody is pretty simple. The voice acting is okay & I think it just lacks some shading. Overall I loved this!

Whoa what a nice animation that is! And it was funny xd

Chris-Vassilico responds:

Thank you! ^_^

"Wait. Don't you mean over 9000?" "No. Read a manga, you tool!" That line made me laugh XD As for the animation itself, it was really good. I give it 5 stars. Also, Benson having an anger level instead of a power level sounded accurate for what Regular Show would have in a Dragonball Z based parody

Definitely an awesome job. It earned you a follow from me :D

Chris-Vassilico responds:

Thank you! Glad you liked it!