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Disclaimer - This game was created from scratch in 48 hours by one person for Ludum Dare. Take it with a grain of salt!

Solve the cryptograms by figuring out which glyphs represent which letters.

Submit your own glyphs for others to see!

If you've never seen a cryptogram before, here's a good introduction: http://www.cryptograms.org/index.php


Really good idea, and I enjoy being able to add in glyphs, then see them later on in puzzles. But, like Tirrene said, maybe occasionally check on the glyphs entered. There's no bad ones yet, but it's likely to happen. Also, some of the movies and games ones are too short to figure out what the answer is logically

The concept is good, but unfortunately I am affected by a glitch.
I guess I was supposed to click on the rectangle and then type in a letter using my keyboard to solve, but typing didn't do anything. Am I doing the right stuff to solve?
I am on Mac OS X 10.11.6, Safari 9.1.3, and using standard US keyboard.

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Bogden400 responds:

Thanks for the bug report! I've only tested Chrome and Firefox, so it's good to know it might not work on Safari on Mac. I'll try to figure it out.

Edit: Fixed! I think. Try it out and let me know!

You could have given just a word off every puzzle fully translated, and then the player could have solved it on his own. This isn't cryptography, this is fucking Jeopardy. Speaking of which, from personal experience, don't let anyone make artwork for your game, or it's gonna be dicks galore.

Bogden400 responds:

Thanks for the feedback tirrene. This type of puzzle is known as a cryptogram, where each of the letters in the alphabet is substituted with a certain character. Because of this, solving a whole word would likely solve much of a puzzle, because it would also solve the rest of those letters across the whole puzzle.

I'm working on a tutorial now to teach techniques on how to solve the puzzles. You're able to solve it using letter frequency and order clues, based on the glyph representations.

For instance, if the puzzle was "THEY GOT THE THING", the cryptogram might be "BQLE JUB BQL BQRWJ". The big hint here is the sequence "BQ". It occurs three times, and "TH" is the most common digraph in English. So you can try that out and see how the puzzle looks. "TH__ __T TH_ TH___".

Pretty unplayable - "Video games", "Movies" or "Famous Quotes" say nothing to me - it could be anything really. If there were a list of previous words that you guessed that you can compare with or any kind of more specific hint it may have a chance of being playable.

I like the part with drawing a glyph that's used later in the game though, so 1 star for you :)

Bogden400 responds:

Thanks for the feedback Kanahani, did the "Hints" feature work for you?

I'd like to find ways to make the puzzles easier for those who would like it, while still being challenging for people who don't want to use hints. If the letter hints didn't work for you, what other kinds of hints would you like?

This is an interesting, thoughtful game. Why would this be 'blammed'?

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Aug 30, 2016
12:34 AM EDT
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