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The caravan - II : Let's eat Camel!

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For credits and info, check this:

For the first part, visit the YouTube channel, on youtube.com/c/TheBlackFlash , or check it here. I've uploaded it here too, I guess.

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I've watched the 1st too , so far the story is cool the art too and also the animation it would be awesome if there was voice acting here you see I'd rather listen than read , but anyways it's still great , good job so far !

0man0 responds:

Thank you. About the voice acting, trust me, I have tried it, but I'm from Europe, and my English accent sucks. Same does my grammar sometimes. And I can't find someone to do it for me. I get like 0$ from all this and the costs are already over expectations. Animating is just one my hobbies. I wait to grow up a little bit into this until I will ask for help from other people. Thank you for your feedback and support!

Pretty good Flash, mate. It was kinda boring, though.

0man0 responds:

Well, thank you for this reply. I will try to improve next time, and reduce the dialogue size. I mean, get more action and less talking. I made it like this so the people could get more used to the characters and the relations between them.

So we meet again eh lol. Well I can see you made a bit of improvement. Especially for the fact you got Swivel, which was something I forgot to mention on your last episode. Glad to see the text stays on for just a couple seconds longer. I can tell you took some of my advice. Although this is just a small nitpick, but I feel there could've been more animation between the characters talking instead of them just being still. But again, it's not a big problem. This episode is better than the last one, and I hope you keep on improving! Looking good so far. :)

0man0 responds:

Well thank you. I am kinda happy. About Swivel, I've been using it since I've started to animate, except that for some reason the quality on the previous video... I dunno what happened to it. Also, I will try to add some movements for the characters when they talk. I wrote about that in the script but when it came, it looked bad so I quit. Anyway, you are really helpful for me, seriously, so thank you!