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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

SAJ2016: Building Rage

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This is probably my last entry for the summer jam. Once again I didn't do anything in the first week because I wasn't sure I wanted to enter at all. I've gradually gotten lazier with each passing round lol. Most scenes are choppy and I'm not very proud of that, oh well. I did save myself some time this round by teaming up with Zeedox. His backgrounds are amazing and I'm really glad I got the chance to work with him. I would also like to thank Saminat, Gianni and SailorSilverStar for their wonderful voicework <3

I guess this movie isn't about a mascot at all in particular, but I read up on the news post where Tom wrote: "Just some character that was pitched and was totally wrong for the part", so that's what I went with.

Like I said, I didn't do anything in the first week. One week into the competition I came up with an idea while brainstorming with a friend. Basically I aimed for a mascot with an absolute terrible message towards children and came up with a Bob the Builder-esque show. I was quick to storyboard the whole thing when I got home and sent out the lines a few days later. The process was somewhat predictable and without too many big hurdles (for me personally, anyhow). Smooth sailing one might say.

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‘Twas very funny

Nice! Nice art, jokes, and voice acting. I love that he got fired, I've gotten used to web animations going in the craziest direction, and then he's just slapped with reality. Makes me wonder if the next scene would have been him getting arrested x3

This was pretty damn good

R.I.P. Buildingy Buildingy"s last words, "you're hurting me! Ow ow ow!

Thumbnail impression:
This is going to be a 9/11 joke, isn't it?

Post-watching impression:
Oh, well I was wrong. Nothing really interesting, but I was wrong. Is this supposed to be a parody of something? Because if so, I don't know what it's supposed to be talking about. All it really says is that a children's show about living buildings being killed would be a bad idea. Which, yeah, it would be, so why even state it in the first place? It just takes something that's obvious and states that it's obvious, so there's no real joke. This could be cleverly pave the way for better punchlines, but as it is, it just falls flat.

Overall, I think I know what you're going for, a kind of Family Guy-like cutaway gag that milks a ridiculous scenario, but the initial set up is either not there or too short. In other words the rug isn't done being knitted before it's yanked from under our feet, so it unravels instead of flipping us onto our ass. All the pieces for a good short are there, they just need to be tweaked.