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Strawberry Clock Diaries 2: The Edge of Reason

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The last ever CabbageClock movie.

Finally, after 15 long years of script rewrites, the sequel to the animated classic "Strawberry Clock Diaries" has arrived! Never before has such a high degree of love and craftsmanship been streamed directly from a computer screen and straight into your stupid, stupid face.

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Alright not bad also didnt excpect seizure :P so you couldve maybe give a warning for people with epilipsy but yeah animation was ok needs a little improvement and also (in my opinion) needs a plot and needs to be longer over all half 4 stars

And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight. -
Ezekilol 4:12

CabbageClock responds:

"IMPORTANT! The wires in this mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code - Blue: Neutral, Brown: Live" - Mingtak Fused 13:01

i agree

CabbageClock responds:

Someone's gotta!

truly a great sequel, a matching counterpart to the original piece of this duology... it is truly a work of (modern) art.

i liked the scene that was showing the humble beginnings of young SBC, and his torment as he went higher and higher in the royal ladder, which alienated him from his friends, and earned him new enemies every day.

eventually, SBC became a marquis (marquis of the portal), and he fought vialiantly in the war of the fruits VS vegetables, a war that was won, but it also costed many lives in both sides alike.
there, we saw him trying to sign a peace treaty with carrot clock, which eventually happened, thanks to the help of the heroic cabbage clock and the peaceful pillow-clock.

then we saw many glorious flashbacks from SBC's life, both from his ''war years'' in the battlefield, and in his ''post-war'' memories, as he fell in love with duchess clear clock of arden, and she bore his first child, clearberry clock, who would grow up to become a knight of the crimson rose, and the defender of alduin-clock.

eventually, we see the last years of SBC's life, as he battles on VS thdrk side (sic), and the two warriors fall down from a cliff.
there, SBC lies down, with his enemy dead, but with his own back broken, and he stares at the viewer, ready to utter his last, thoughtful words:

''B... i have no regrets... but the saddest thing is, that i've never learned how to drive...''
and the screen fades to black, as the olde hero of clocktopia, now a king, dies in the sorban cliffs.

also, i strongly believe that you should've added tom hanks+jason vorhees in this movie as well, for those 2 characters are quite important for any story, and it would help the stroyline to get a much needed comic relief, especially in the darkest chapters of SBC's life in war.

overall, its a good movie. nice work
keep up the good work.

CabbageClock responds:


Worth the wait. Lived up to expectations and then some. Better than Suicide Squad. Incredible.

CabbageClock responds:

Save your flattery for the Oscars after party.