Hell is Full

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All mankind were lost in a new war. Billions of souls goes to the hell.


Control by mouse.

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The gameplay is fun,but no description of what does what in the upgrade screen, still don't know what half of the abilities are for.
No indicator of how many levels are left if there is an end. :D
Got bored at level 15, could use bigger variety of enemies. :3

Well I played threw 20 levels of this game before I decided i needed to give a review. The controls are okay, I wish that you could move the guy a bit faster but the major problem with the controls is that at times I don't want to throw the scythe but yet I need to rapidly click the left mouse button which will make me throw the scythe. You should have made that more of a space bar or something else than that, because until the scythe comes back you can't do anything and that get really annoying to deal with. If you added an attack, like a forwards punch, when you threw the scythe that would make things a lot better.
The enemies, some are okay and fit well with the speed of the game. Others, like the hockey players are just too tough. I have to use the berserk mode to get rid of them. You shouldn't have enemies that are so tough the only way to deal with them is you have to use your special attack on them just to make sure that you can kill them off.
Now miscellaneous problems. I don't know if it was a glitch or not but the first time I went to, I think, 15 or 16, the whole screen was filled with enemies. Not that a huge wave came and pushed me back, literally the whole thing was full of enemies. After I died and restarted the level it was okay. One super annoying thing is that at times you will have a crap ton of spare time at the end of a stage. if you don't have the enemies coming we shouldn't be just hanging around doing nothing, but just waiting for it to finish the time up just to get past the freaking level. Also seeing as how you made it seem, at first that there was a end but there isn't or if there is the game is just not that entertaining to keep me wanting to play more than 20 levels. If there is an end game you should throw in like bosses that you have to beat. You should work on the upgrade system. Its a little to easy to max out everything really quick.

It is an ok game I guess. So the story seems to take place during a big war where Billions of people died and many goes to hell. That is going to suck for who's left on Earth but it is going to suck more going to hell. Sounds a lot like "End Times" where 1/3 of the Earth's population dies and it also says more people will go to hell than go to heaven. Yea 1/3 will be in the Billions F.Y.I. Well lucky for me I know some one with a bad ass bunker! Take all my shit done there even my Armor collection HAHA.

Addicting at first, but there's really nothing to it, I just click hold and bottom right, top right, repeat, throwing the scythe whenever it overheats and using berserk as a last resort. Priority aura and overheat (idk what magnet is but it might be useful). And keep the athletes in front of you to avoid pushing them into hell yourself. Art and programming was meh, concept was too simple.

Game addicting, I Like it. Could use a tad bit of blood, B+.

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3.62 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2016
9:24 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight