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Frozen Moons

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Space Yeti 10 Points

Encounter a Space Yeti

Night Shift 50 Points

Survive the first mission in Campaign

Campaign Complete 100 Points

Complete all levels in Campaign

Maxed out 100 Points

Unlock all upgrades

Author Comments

Defend an arctic base on the frozen moon of Jupiter from being overrun by an invasion of aliens that have laid dormant beneath its crust.

A 360 degree shooter built featuring a story-driven campaign and a marathon mode!

Gain energy and strategically use it on ship upgrades to build the ultimate fighter!

Quick reference:
WASD - Move
E - Activate Shield
Spacebar - Detonate explosive
Shift - Move Faster (Hold)
Numrow 1, 2, 3, 4 - Switch weapon (when weapons are unlocked)

Thanks Newgrounds for featuring it :D

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That's nice, but there is nothing new.

only one complaint i leveled up to fast and lost interest...either add more levels /uppgrades or make it take longer to get uppgrades nice game otherwhise keep up the good work there

At first look it may seem as a good inplemented game. However, it have several problems
-- Main problem is monotony and boredom. There is only 4 types of enemies encountered through campaing, including 0 bosses. You do exactly same thing over and over - try to dodge (if you hit, its OK - you have a lot of HP), shoot at them, bomb if huge wave of small vessels appears, shield if fighters from side of screen fly or you have no bombs. Repeat over all 10 levels, which are only differ in amount of enemies to shoot.
-- Even one thing game have to offer is not good. Of 4 weapons, only first one is useful, since its deals most DPS and all enemies are destroyed faster (tested multiple times). Shields are OP. Upgrades are earned TOO easily - max all stats by level 8-9 or earlier if you are good at collecting - and thats not counting grinding...
-- Excuse plot. Terrible excuse plot!
-- Special dislike and - 0.5 star for flamethrower IN SPACE. Don't even bother to try to explain this...
+ Graphics are relative good. But nothing special.
Thats it. Project that could be good is actually low-level crap.

This is awesome! One of the best games I have seen on NG! Good job and keep up the good work!
Some things to improve:

*More campaign missions
*More weapons
*More enemies
*More ships
*A boss on the 10th level

Cool, but there's not many levels to be played. Also the other weapons spawn is quite rare sadly.
Solid game, smooth FPS and fun to play.

Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2016
3:08 PM EDT