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Pokemon is Demonic Apparently

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The topic itself is silly, but encountering a few individuals (from past to present) that actually believe this to be true inspired me to make this.

Thanks to Viewtiful Valentine/ClimaxTiger for his stellar voice acting in this, as well as the audio artists listed for their great music and a few friends from YouTube who contributed a few other things!

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🔥 Fact : All religions are evil
🔥 Fact : God is evil
🔥 Fact : Religious people are possessed by evil

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I'm a little hung up on your superhero comparison. Superheroes were at the center of their own moral panic in the past, just look up Seduction of the Innocent. Indeed, a few have unabashedly demonic origins, like Ghost Rider, Spawn, Etrigan, and Hellboy. Also Batman intentionally goes for a diabolical appearance for intimidation purposes. Even if it was just the setup for a laudable Underdog joke, it makes it seem like you did not do the research.

What's more, even heroes with demonic origins and motifs still face ethical decisions that can fall in line with established religious morals. This makes them seem more like people trying to find god, rather than being gods themselves. Shiny tauros is literally a golden calf. That's an unholy red flag right there, dude.

That nerdy B.S. said, this is a decent cartoon. The lip-sync is good, along with the comedic timing, and I do get the jokes. I'll probably be checking out your other animations in the future. :)

Axelstation responds:

I do get where you're coming from, there are various heroes now that definitely walk a thin moral line, or like you mentioned, have more evil origins. My angle was looking at generic superheroes that everyone sees as good and no one questions (the kind you'd see in your average kids cartoon). They have a slew of powers, but they're used for good purposes so no one bats an eye. On the flip side, Pokemon are used to battle evil forces (a lot of the time) and save the world and so on, but somehow a lot of people see it as being different.

You raise a good point overall though. It wasn't really meant to be serious, just a fun poke at the issue. Anyways thanks for leaving your thoughts!

Oh man, Butterfree is f-ing jacked!. . . But to be fair, Butterfree is really strong and basically the linchpin of my team strategy.

This video is priceless.

Axelstation responds:

I'm glad you liked it ^^

The argument, I think, is that the Bible is Anti-Magical. No Fairies, or other magical creatures are allowed. In fact, there is a volume of the manga "The Ancient Magus' Bride" where the Fairie Queen Titania banishes a Catholic Priest from her kingdom. I think it was volume 3. It was pretty badass. To go even further, Magic in general is banned in the Bible for use by humans. Some modern Witches believe that this was put in during the King James Version of the Bible to take Magic away from the poor as a way of subjugating them and taking away any kind of power that might pose a threat to the Monarchy. This all points to Pokemon having powers as both a revival of Magical Creatures and Humans in control of Magical Power. Both of which are threatening to a Christian Worldview. You might, a reasonable person, ground in reality, say that "Magic doesn't exist. It's a fantasy." Well when the advent of Christianity spread across the world, it didn't happen in a nice and polite way. People were still savage, and so was their way of spreading new ideas. The Church was no exception to this, and anyone found to be practicing Magic was tortured or outright killed. Many traditions of Magic had to go underground and survived in secret within families down the generations, but the lion's share of Magic in General Human Civilization was wiped out. Science and Technology replaced Magic under the watchful eyes of the Church, but not without a lot of intervention that slowed progress down so much that we are only recently starting to advance at the proper speed. History is full of accounts of Magical Creatures and Magic-using humans. The Old Gods become the New Demons. Modern Magic Users have only scraps of knowledge compared to what used to exist long ago, and the revival is in it's infancy. So it will take a long time for Magic to come back. They kind of make a projection of this idea in the cartoon "Adventure Time" where science has been driven undergound from almost complete destruction and Magic becomes the overgrowth from neglect that permeates and forms the basis of reality once again. Christians know the danger of this overgrowth, so they spread weed-killer on the sidewalk, figuratively speaking. Hence the Anti=Pokemon sentiment.