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Dead Detention 2 #9

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Dead Detention 2-9 5 Points

Finish the episode.

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Find the hidden Golden Astronaut token.

Author Comments

Update May 2020: Hey everyone! I'm really excited to announce that my first *real* game "VIEW FROM BELOW" is out on Steam now ! It's funny, emotional, and anime-ish ! And actually good , LOL !

* AVAILABLE NOW * - > https://store.steampowered.com/app/1208760/View_From_Below/


Play Season 1 -> http://www.boxrocketgames.com/dead-detention.html

Full List of Season 2 Episodes -> http://www.boxrocketgames.com/dd2-next-episode.html

This is the ninth episode of the 2nd season of Dead Detention!

In this 2nd last episode, Max and Naomi are confronted with a crazy new foe, as The Moon King and Shia face one another. Meanwhile, Naomi's older sister Haru and Detective Freeman works with Commander Dai to save the high schoolers stuck on campus.

How to Play;

-Click anywhere to progress through the story

-Click the inventory button to access your inventory and unlocks

-Click the menu button to access the pause menu

-Click objects of interest to unlock plot tokens- which can be viewed from the inventory menu. They'll reveal little tidbits about the plot and foreshadow future developments

-Click EQUIP to equip items, when prompted.

Thanks for playing / reading!

If you need a hint to unlock the Golden Astronaut medal, you can find one here -> http://www.boxrocketgames.com/golden-astronauts-2015.html


Follow me on Newgrounds - http://08jackt.newgrounds.com/follow

Twitter - https://twitter.com/08jackt

Facebook - http://facebook.com/boxrocketgames

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/08jackt

Coming in episode 10 - the finale:

-Max and his principal finally face one another in an epic fight

-Freeman and Naomi's Older Sister Haru works to bring down the force field surrounding the campus

-The story concludes with a few revelations, a few battles and maybe a surprise or two...

What's next?

-Dead Detention 2; Episode 10 ( FINALE !!! )

-Chronicle Bulletin; Episode 4

-A special surprise...

A little note:

I changed Naomi's older sister's name to "Haru", to hint at the family's background of being half Japanese and half american.

Patch 1.09:

-Fixed really stupid typo, lol

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i refer to the moon king as Nemesis from resident evil

Yes actually I was expecting a button labeled 'Take Down Force Field.' On an unrelated note. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! SHIA!

I've always been a fan of your games since I played the first Alula's falling. That was when I got really involved in playing your games, which I find I enjoy because of the crazy and weird plot. I just want to go ahead and say that I loved that music change that you incorporated in that one scene. XD I really wasn't expecting that. Please continue making things like this and like your other games.

Rawr XD 100/10

I don't get it.. Is Shia like... Max's brother? Im totally confused and drowning in your sea of episodes.
(He gets angry and says "You told me you won't kill her" or something like this.)

0 _ o

I need a nap... and EXPLANATIONS, like, to the ENTIRE series of tied stories, PLEASE :3

JackAstral responds:

Next episode ;)