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Game grumps: LADY MARIAA

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This was the official game grumps animated I did. Pumped it out in about a month, I wanted to do one that I suppose was less comedy driven and more driven by the audio and imagination.

Mostly I just wanted to animate Lady maria getting her ass spanked.

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bloodborne cool


That was a good one. xD

I don't recall watching Game Grumps. Well, I probably saw one or two of them on this website. Maybe it was just something related to them. I might have seen them elsewhere and just forgotten. The voices are so funny. I don't even mind not being a fan of Game Grumps.

It's just nice to see your slick animation. There's so much going on here too. There's just so much fun in this. Yes, it was worth it to see Lady Maria. I wish I knew who that was.

He done it