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Mega Quest Teaser 1

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Hey guys, we’re happy to announce our upcoming animated pilot for our web series, Mega Quest!

Here's a sample of what's to come!

Mega Quest follows a group of heroes as they battle their way through a myriad of trope filled situations. If you love cartoons and gaming check this out!

Ultimately our goal is to finish our pilot by the end of 2016. Stayed tuned for more updates on our progress including: concept art, web-comics, and live-streams.

You can also find out more about Mega Quest or help us produce the series at the following links:





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Oh hey ;)

Thumb up

This looks like it's gonna be a really cool series.
What did you base it off of for your inspiration?

StarLockStudio responds:

SO sorry we didn't see this comment. Mega Quest is inspired by video game, anime, and comic tropes! It follows a group of characters as they battle through a myriad of trope filled scenarios. So expect a lot of crazy stuff. Our plan is to release the first episode and hopefully with the support of the community create even crazier episodes!

Looks pretty cool. I give this 3 stars because it's simple a teaser for now.

The animation/art style really stands out. That's what I really like about this so far.

The voice acting is good. There's a good sense of direction for what you want the voices to be.

The humor is... meh. At the moment there isn't anything really funny about this. And since you've made this a comedy/parody I hope there are more developed jokes in the full version. I'm sure it does have potential though.

Overall, try and work on the humor a bit more. If you do this it will make this really stand out as an excellent piece of work. Keep up with the good work. :)

It didn't reveal much as far as plot but I dig the animation style and the voice/sound was done smoothly. I look forwardthe full release.

StarLockStudio responds:

Thanks for the feedback!