PS4 vs XBOX1

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A short and hastily made animated birthday card I made for my nephew, but I replaced the original personal "happy birthday greetings" with another drop-down animation thingy.

My nephew has an Xbox One already but now want a PS4, because REASONS! I have neither, but I snuck in my thoughts on the matter while just goofing around in general. My nephew liked this, so I just wanted to share the silliness. :)

Most sounds are from FreeSound.org, and are free, but there's a robot voice I found on the internet supposedly mimicking a phrase by Glados from the game Portal, and there's an end credit music snippet from a Bugs Bunny vid on YouTube.


Really great video :) i like the voice acting and the animation style!

the reason why this does not get 5 stars from me; i feel like you could have added some 'arguments'.. not as in textual boring discussions but maybe you could find a creative artistic way of showing the benefits of the consoles (maybe have characters appear and such?). But maybe you were also just trying to tell the story about how ps overpowered the market compared to the xbox one (i don't know if this is true though)

the audio was quite good, there was some slight hissing when ps talked i think, but nothing you would notice unless you're really strict about material, or if you're looking for the hissing.


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Radonroten responds:

Thanks! I did the animation in one day (6-8 hours), just so I could get it to my nephew before his birthday the very next day. I had no time for adding actual arguments so I just went all in silly with it.

I picked out the voices in a hurry based on how well it would fit in with what I had in mind, so yeah, quality wasn't exactly a priority. <:)

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3.13 / 5.00

May 9, 2016
12:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody