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Telling someone how you can feel can seem like an impossible task, but anything worth having is worth the risk of failure.

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love is the most complicated of emotions someone can deal with. i hate the feeling if im gonna be honest, and i envy the dudes that can walk up to a chick and tell them how they feel. some dudes (i.e. me) are pussies and would rather sit wait and hope someone will crush on them instead of vice versa.
fuck i love unrealistic expectations oh my fucking god.

Nice visuals

So this was some nice visuals here I like the style of this and the art and graphics was pretty intense too so really nice job on this so really nice work I think you could ad into this more depth and longer even even though it was pretty deep

Pretty deep already would love to see you ad onto this one


........i dont know how to type this, my brian just kinda, loses the words when i try to talk about this song. it reminds so much of whats going on right now in my life. i guess the best way to say this..... thanks, thanks for putting what i could never say about my life is intosuch a wonderful song.

First off, I absolutely loved this song. The lyrics are beautiful and the melody goes perfectly with it. Second, I couldn't find the lyrics anywhere, so I decided to transcribe them and post them here!
By Awkwardtunity

I could be yours if you wanted me
I’m sure I could find the time
My heart’s in a pile of discarded things
I brush off the dust and the grime
We could go out if you wanted to
Talk about things that we like
I don’t have a lot I can offer you
But I can be fun if I try

I am a robot
Heart is a clock in a tin box
There’s bugs in my brain and my jaw locks up
When I try to ask you to stay

I never was much for conversation
And never knew quite what to say
I don’t have a very good explanation for why my head glitches this way.
And I can be just what you’re looking for
So far it’s too hard to tell
‘Cause I can’t remember how to be normal
Sociopathic as hell

I am a robot
Heart is a clock in a tin box
There’s bugs in my brain and my jaw locks up
When I try to ask you to stay

And I’m thinking too much
It’s just OCD mixed with bad luck
Yeah it might be strange
And this heart is a spare
And I’m damaged and I’m scared
But god damn it
I’ve gotta be brave

This is amazing!!!! I actually kind of want a part 2 of this.. It could probably about him trying to explain to her that he's a robot... er... maybe them adopting???....
Anyways, i cant find anything to complain about really. The artwork is amazing btw