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Mutant Selection

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Scientists are conducting experiments on alien DNA to create the strongest and most powerful genetic mutant to dominate the universe.
You have been chosen to test out the combat abilities of these creatures.
Buy and upgrade your weapons, support drones and supply drops.
WASD to move (keys can be reconfigured in the Options)
Press W twice to double jump.
You can wall grab/jump as well.
Mouse to navigate menus and aim, left mouse button to shoot.

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I'm a mobile player i can't play the game but it looks like good


Great graphics, okay music, many levels that are basically a series of boss battles, a story, various weapons and upgrades to unlock… it has everything I would normally want in a game. But it still doesn’t seem that good.
After playing for a while many problems became noticeable. For example, while there is some sort of story, it’s never mentioned again; beating a level only unlocks more levels and after beating all of them, there is nothing left to do. There is no conclusion, not even a small ‘you win’ message, making the game seem incomplete. If there is a reward for getting a perfect score in every level, there is no indication of it so I won’t bother.

The bosses look very impressive and have different attack patterns but in general, I just have to move left and right while shooting to beat them, as they ‘float’ around the stage. All stages look different but they have a similar layout. The resistances seem like an interesting feature, however they don’t make much of a difference other than forcing you to change weapons occasionally. The weapons all fire small projectiles in a straight line and all upgrades change the same stats.

It’s a rather fun game with lots of variety, even if the gameplay feels repetitive.

Not Bad!

Needs an upgrade for larger magazines because it is REALLY annoying how quickly your ammo runs out (or your gun overheats or whatever it is supposed to be) and you have to wait. Not exactly a fun gaming experience to sit and wait half the time.