Battlefield Legends

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1 5 Points

Kill 25 Enemies

11 5 Points

Lose 25 Men

16 5 Points

Build 25 Buildings

6 5 Points

Deploy 25 Soldiers

12 10 Points

Lose 100 Men

17 10 Points

Build 100 Buildings

2 10 Points

Kill 100 Enemies

7 10 Points

Deploy 100 Soldiers

13 25 Points

Lose 250 Men

14 25 Points

Lose 500 Men

18 25 Points

Build 250 Buildings

19 25 Points

Build 500 Buildings

3 25 Points

Kill 250 Enemies

4 25 Points

Kill 500 Enemies

8 25 Points

Deploy 250 Soldiers

9 25 Points

Deploy 500 Soldiers

10 50 Points

Deploy 1000 Soldiers

15 50 Points

Lose 1000 Men

20 50 Points

Build 1000 Buildings

5 50 Points

Kill 1000 Enemies

Author Comments

Deploy soldiers, build your base and kill as many
enemies as possible!

If a medal wont unlock, just go the medalscreen in the main menu!

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There's a bug that will cause you to not be able to deploy unit once you are on delpoyment menu if a unit dies on that point.

glitchy and bad

The game won't allow me to buy infantry. My men are dying, but it glitches and one empty slot I tried to replace is red as it's selected, but the infantry selection menu isn't coming up.

found a bug that stopped the game for me, was in the "buying soldiers" screen, and another soldier died; then I couldn't do anything.. so everyone else died as well, since I couldn't add or change anything :S

looked like it had some content otherwise, but didn't get that far before the crash

Bugs, illogical gameplay... Too easy (and I don't mean in the "make it harder" kinda way.)

It was a good concept, I'll give it half a star, but it's so poorly executed... I find myself only playing it for highscores and freakin medals.. Why bother?

I mean what the heck is up with your medals? Am I just too good at this game? It would take me hours if not DAYS of grinding to die that many times on purpose.. lose 1000 men 12 at a time, and do so at what rate? 1 a minute? Hell no. I have multiple thousands of kills, and I barely managed to boost my buildings up to 250 let alone 1,000! I don't need it why would I get it.

Credits & Info

2.66 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2016
8:19 PM EST
Simulation - Other