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Creative Types

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The guy who previously uploaded this to "WeirdoAnimatedJames" was not me. Someone stole the video and uploaded it here without my permission. THIS is my actual newgrounds account. And as much as it hurts that the recognition it got on this site is gone, I figured uploading it here will prevent this from happening again. Don't let the fact that this is a reupload cloud your judgement. Thank you for understanding.
REGARDLESS! I do hope you enjoy this animation.

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This is truly an outstanding short. It's so incredibly inspiring and touching, that any one who pursues art or storytelling in any fashion should at least watch this once.
The message is valuable, the arcs of each character is unique and relatable, and the color schemes are so vibrant and atmospheric to the tone. Love it!

This is an amazing, touching and true view of how it can be to be a creative type...I love it, keep it up! Song is great too!

I needed this badly, so relatable, such a strong message and thank you for making it.

Fuck me this is good.

This was FANTASTIC! Been feeling a little overwhelmed and underappreciated myself, and this made me feel a lot better. Thank you. It sucks that this was stolen - but I hope you can appreciate the praise I'm sure it got for the other poster. Keep up the good work =)