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Ikimono High 2

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The sequel to the popular monster girl dating sim "Ikimono High". Playing the previous game is recommended.

Previous game: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/667657

Your name is Kei Nakajima. It is now your second year studying at a school built purposely for monsters. You made a lot of friends last year and you'll meet new people..err...monsters along the way. But on that way, you'll also face some challenges.

The gameplay is simple. Your goal is to win a girl's heart in this game. You can get hearts by buying her gifts or agreeing with her on a certain event. You will lose the game if you don't eat for three days straight. In this sequel, you now have the option to go to the clinic to continue the game.

This game is a visual novel , the ending varies from the girl you pick. There are 10 endings and 1 hidden ending.

Ikimono High: The Visual Novel is available now: https://koltonkennedy.itch.io/ikimono-high-the-visual-novel-full-game

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It is really buggy and sometimes crashes. It is interesting but I would find more enjoyment if it was an actual game instead of just a novel. The game could also use a save feature so I can save my progress in case the game crashes or I have to kill the page.

AHHH love this game lol. I loved playing the first one and now love the second one even more XD. Really tho it's a great game with great characters and with each their own personality and grow. I also like the added feature skip to visual novel very helpful. I hope u make a third one cause I'll definitely play it. Also I don't know if u'll be able to do this but maybe a skip button to skip past text when u replay them for a different ending or a fast foward button. Just an idea but all in all love ur games kep up the good work. PS Yatoko-chan is the best :D

KoltonKennedy responds:

Thanks, the third one's almost finished :)

I really love this game, along with the previous game. I LOVE Nomi-chan and Hapi-chan, they're adorable, oh my goodness-

I really love this because, well, the different types of monsters. Also because it's adating sim. But both of those mixed together is just PERFECTION. Well, to me it is..

Truly fun, keep it up!

KoltonKennedy responds:

Thanks! I might make a remake in the future so...umm...stay tuned! ^_^

Again , a great game .
I had so much fun .
Also the story is touching...
Keep going !

I really love both of these games and only have three suggestions.
1. You should maybe add in the option to woo the male characters and Hidzume's sister as well, it could be fun to play through those reactions!
2. Add in some more content, outside of the classroom besides the school festival.
3. Mayhaps some more characters? Not just those that are in your class?
Besides this, a very well put together game yet again!

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2016
7:23 PM EST