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The Miner

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Author Comments

mine as much ores as you can

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of course only my drunk brain thought playing this was a good idea

i get what its like to begin programming - i really do - but what you need to think when designing a game is "will the player spend as much time on this as i did?"

lets get into my feedback

- why exactly am i collecting points? whats the point? pun asside at least with other clicker games we have a reason we are doing this mundane task (upgrades, plot progression)

lets take the actual minecraft for example - you get iron because its faster than stone, then you get diamond, then you enchant your tools, then you finish your project, then you finish another, repeat

- why did you think people would spend their time on this?

im assuming drunk people werent your target audience, if they were then my word you did a good job

- just because its mundane, doesnt mean it can be fun

people might consider games like terraria, minecraft, pokemon, collectathon games mundane and boring

but what makes those games fun is the fact that clicking isnt the only goal

in terraria you fight bosses, in minecraft you create your own world, in pokemon you make the world your oyster - making the champion come to their knees.

this, yes, its mundane, but it doesnt give me a reason to keep going, a speedrunner keeps going out of love for a game - for a goal

here, were given a blank sheet of paper - no pencil or anything, no goal

with a blank sheet (going back to that minecraft example) you can at least go ham with what your mind thinks of

here? theres none of that

i hope you continue programming, and i hope you continue your passion projects, they than really change your life

have a good day buddy x

The best thing is music.

Thats it.

The most pleasant thing about this game is the music. It's blatantly used Minecraft's art and font stylizing. While it's not all directly ripped from it, there's no denying that was the "inspiration" behind this. Easy Medium and Hard are not difficulty settings here, they are just how quick do you want the level to be over, and what ore selection would you like. There is nothing drawing me in or keeping my attention on this game. I played a round from each section and I feel like I've played this as much as I need to. Give us a story, or some upgrades, and PLEASE be original with your artwork, I'm sick of seeing Minecraft styled crap everywhere.

is that it?
you've made no effort at being original tbh
and every single square just repeats itself
its not much of a game

needs a lot more work, upgrade shop perhaps

Credits & Info

2.26 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2016
12:38 PM EST
  • Turd of the Week February 3, 2016