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# Added something for level 2 to help with the overcrowding for the butterfingers ;) and something for 4 as well.
# Updated the size as per request and added a little something for people that reaches past level 3.


A simple game collecting game that I did in a few days, I spent most of the time encrypting the code as much as possible since this is my first HTML5 app.


A game where you just tap on the little guys to get points.
Only if it is part of the majority.
More spawn when you tap on the minority.

You win when there 's zero.
You lose when you go over 100.

Good Luck Now.

Also I made it a little acid trippy and the level commentary has a mind of its own.
So basically, it's Majority Rules on Acid Trip.

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I played for eight seconds before this game started to give me a headache. The music is obnoxious, the pulsing background is very annoying, the sprites are ugly, I paused and then unpaused, and they were shooting all over the place so fast that I couldn't even begin to pick out individual ones, let alone figure out which colour was the majority. This seems like something which need s fixing, and fast, as they were going about a quarter of the speed beforehand. I honestly cannot give it a better review than this.

Well, potentially this could be a fun mobile touchscreen game, but on a computer, its sort of frustrating and not so fun. The graphics look more vector not pixel really. On top of that, the music kind've makes the player feel more frustrated in my opinion as it gets sorta annoying. I will give you props for a mute button though, that's important in any game some people forget.

Overall, I feel this could potentially be a fun short time wasting mini-game for anyone waiting in a doctor's office, but it's just...lacking something. For one, I feel overwhelmed, maybe because of my personality type, but not sure. For second, it just doesn't feel like a complete game. Third, this is incredibly difficult. I don't know if it's just me, but it's not a pleasant playing experience for myself.

I think messing with some different sound effects could make it more fun but gotta be careful with that. The background could be something of more detail and not so empty looking. For a few days this isn't bad, but it could use some work. This is definitely a rage quit game for me, not sure what I can recommend, but it seems kinda glitchy, or maybe I'm missing the point of the game, but it just seems too difficult.

Overall, not horrible, but not great. With some tweaking, this game could potentially be something more.

"Win when zero, lose when over 100." Hm. Easy enough.

After playing, though, it seemed to me to be the reverse.

This game still is not perfect... But it's good way to go - so 5 stars. First of all atmosphere is trippy (don't know how to call it... ), animation is also quite hipnotizing. Gameplay is ok i guess - for me it's a bit to tough to get big score but it's my fault not the game ;). My idea and proposal is this: like at a good rave there you need to mix trance/trippy slow parts and faster tracks to keep good flow of a gig. Maybe there should be some collecting frenzys (like killing frenzy in shooters ;)) ? For example after a series of picking right guy there is moment of spawning of extra characters for extra points etc. Sound could be changed at such moments to break main track. I hope you get my point :)

DontComplain responds:

Thank you, this one of the most descriptive and interesting feedbacks. I'll see if I can incorporate this one. I'll definitely give you some credits in the game when I do.

Promises more than it delivers, but from what I understand, this isn't the finished product, so I'll just stick with: "This game is unique, it has promise." If you plan to further develop THIS game, I'd suggest making it appeal to a larger audience by having some sorta slider for speed and stuff in the options, so that it looks more like a "fun game" rather than than a rigid "proof-of-concept"

DontComplain responds:

I can add a slider for speed later, but I'm not sure what other stuff will be in the options.

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2.60 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2016
4:50 PM EST