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Astral Crashers

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Author Comments

Astral Crashers is a fast paced RTS, including gathering resources, building bases, training units, and controlling your forces to defeat powerful enemies.


Left-Click to Select a single unit;
Left Click and Drag an Area to Select multiple units
Right-Click to Move or Attack a single enemy;

[A] to Change to Attack mode, and then Left-Click to attack;

[Shift]+[0-9] to Create a squad;
[0-9] to Select a squad;

[Space]+[L] to lock/unlock the screen;

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Meh. The hard difficulty doesn't seem to actually make it more difficult. The same strategies work. It just takes longer to win.

I 100% recommend this game as a flash/3D Web unity game of strategy category.

Further than that, I have no possible negative facts to this game as for an online flash/unity game fills all the requirements and more. It is a well done RTS that took some ideas from Starcraft (obviously from the Zerg and Protoss but also some of the Terrain units such as the infected soldiers as guardians) but it intended to be totally different.

Therefore, I feel that this game is a game I should play as Alpha. I would even be willing to pay money (and if I would, believe me, many more too) if it had the following changes:

*Improvement on camera (zoom in, zoom out don't exist, diagonal moving is buggy).

*General bug improvements (minor bugs in different gameplay aspects, not transcendental but influence the gameplay.

*Sounds and Music - The music tracks are not varied but well performed so variety is needed. Sounds of units creation or combat are mixed between high and low quality as well some sounds just missing.

*Units variety and specialization variety - Making some units more special or different is key in RTS. From one side you want weaker units unlocked before and stronger later. Weaker usually are individual and respond to single purposes while advanced units are can represent many. Also the variety of them, making 10 total units lowers the end goal of the game.

*Story - something that maintain the entertainment high and the concentration strong. A developing story is always welcomed and appreciated by the player, specially if it includes the units and the game world as scenario. More than that, the story is sometimes (even if the game sucks) the key for fans who will fund the developers and will continue buying new copies of new sequels to follow the story.

*End game / Goal: every game has one. Besides every mission/battle has primary and secondary task/missions, the main goal of each game is important. If you planning to make 5 games, each one needs to be relevant to the end but each one individually needs to have its own goal.

*Progress: The game progress is something the gaming industry requires in order to success. You need to give the feeling of great improvement and progress to the player and as more hours and progress he achieve, the easier needs to be to confront weaker challenges but more achievable the hard challenges. For example, in most game there is a planetary interface (see XCOM), and in each country/sector there are many missions. While countries between them are balanced on continents or vary between countries (USA hardest, Mexico Medium, etc), the main point would be that as you do more easy missions you will be able to be better. For example, you have one base for the planet or at each country and as more you do, the more you can build, or resource produce, or items unlock. All depends on you. But the progress must be.

If you think you can do this stuff (those points are the most important, not the only ones out there), you can easily go Steam and publish your game as Alpha (when it will be) and ask for 20 USD easily (usually, if a game is worth playing it, a 100 players will easily and quite fast buy your game). Once the game is published in steam you need to keep making it better up to reach a point where the game has no bugs and it reflects your idea of the game. All the things I told you are just aspects that you need to show about your game but you are the one who builds the game. Think you succeed to do all what I said and then announce a publishing date (before you publish, so people prebuy it), you will have easily 2,000 people interested and they will pay easily 20 USD (the higher the price the lower the amount of buyer, for example 3k people for 15k USD but 2k for 20USD) and once is popular, if it gets to that, 20 or even hundred of thousands of players around the world.

Best of lucks-

very good game but the building times are retarded please do something about it im here to play a game not to become a grandad

This game is creative! I can see the amount of work you put into this. The controls are well made and I feel like it went smoothly along with the game. The concepts of the upgrade and different units that play different roles was well put.
The music was good too, no complain at all in there.
Did you got inspired from Age of Empire?
Great work :p

the game is good but I find the gameplay is a bit slow

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2016
8:12 AM EST