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Wise Turn

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Author Comments

Wise Turn is a logic game that will put your brain to work!
The game objective is simple: align all tiles so that they are pointing up.
The first levels are easy, but each new levels brings more and more tiles into play and makes you think harder.
Which tiles should you turn next?

1. Make all tiles turn upwards.
2. Red tiles turn clockwise, blue tiles turn counterclockwise.
3. Tiles turn in rows and columns.
4. Some tiles need two clicks to rotate.

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Really fun! Though once you discover the formula, it becomes quite easy.

This was very entertaining, I like it! However, it is a little bit on the easy and short side, but that's not a big problem.

I like the overall style of the presentation, complete with simple, yet pretty graphics, and that simple electronic soundtrack to set the mood without disrupting our reasoning.

As for the gameplay, it's also very interesting. It consists on turning rows and colums of "knobs" on a matrix in order to make them all point upwards. Some knobs roll clockwise, while others roll counter-clockwise, and some take two clicks in order to roll 90 degrees, while others take only one. Those simple mechanics are all that's used throughout the whole game, and they make for some pretty interesting challenges. Being a straight-forward logical challenge, it's a great exercise for the deductive mind, all while being consistent with its rules and easy to eventually figure out.

The one problem I found is that, once you figure out certain (obvious) things, the game becomes a bit too easy. For instance, one obvious thing that makes the game a lot easier is the fact that the order in which you click on rows and columns doesn't matter as long as you click on the rows and columns the same number of times, which means you could, say, focus only on the columns, until you made it so that all rows are "finishable" by clicking exclusively on the row, and this strategy took me a long way in the final stretch of levels, making things even a bit too easy, actually, because once I managed to put one row into a pattern that is "finishable" (by clicking exclusively on columns until achieving that), it turned out that was more often than not enough to make it so that every other row was also finishable, and when that was not the case, only a few changes (usually to the columns containing two-click knobs) would make it so. Not sure if the game concept itself is way too easy, or if the levels presented are, but that certainly was kind of a let down.

So yeah, all in all, nice puzzle game, provided me with some food for thought for a while, and I definitely recommend it to puzzle fans in general. Still, it does get a bit easy.

This is nice, very simple yet challenging game
I recommend this game if you're bored and nothing to do :D

The design looks good and the music that plays is calming.
A nice game to play for relaxing.


Credits & Info

3.68 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2016
4:28 PM EST